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Designing a bathroom is kind of a big deal. There’s a multitude of elements involved and the process can take anything from a few days to weeks, even months, depending on the scale of the project and this is why consumers put so much thought into the way it should look. With tastes differing and trends changing, almost by the minute, it puts homeowners in a metaphorical minefield as to what look to go for to suit their personal style, bathroom shape and budget. Our advice is to choose a design that will last, with classic features. (more…)


Offering a wide range of tiles for a number of requirements, we’re extremely flexible to most needs. From large scale commercial projects to one-off residential renovations, we can work with each of our customers to ensure they get the high quality products and services they require. We’re not saying that we prefer any particular project over another; they all have their own merits, but imagine how we felt when we were approached by BBC TV show DIY SOS to supply tiles for one of their very special projects. (more…)

The Design Service

Design Service - May 2015

A pool is a masterpiece, a focal point to be admired and enjoyed (both outside and in). Waxman Ceramics understands this, which is why we have a dedicated Design Service to work with clients’ unique requests to offer a bespoke mosaic design that can really add a spectacular finish to any pool. (more…)


We predicted great things for the construction industry this year and it seems our forecasts have been correct. A recent study by Barbour ABI in March revealed that construction contracts increased by a whopping 70% in February 2015, alone! (more…)

Architectural Collection


ELLAND, UK: Waxman Architectural Tiles, a division of Waxman Ceramics and an established distributor of ceramic and porcelain tile solutions for over 30 years, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ‘Architectural Collection’ brochure.  (more…)

The Smart range offers versatility, style and a truly distinctive look,

The Smart range offers versatility, style and a truly distinctive look.

Waxman Ceramics launched their ‘Pool & Spa Collection’ brochure earlier this year. Not only is this an ideal resource for those in the pool and spa industry but it’s a great source of inspiration for anyone looking for a stylish, reliable and durable tile for such environments. Here, we would like to draw your attention to one range in particular, the Smart range. (more…)


Waxman Ceramics, the UK’s largest importer of mosaic tiles and one of the country’s leading tile distributors, has given its fleet a fresh look with the help of Citroen and Just Citroen. (more…)


The Waxman Design Service employs several different techniques to create a final one-of-a kind design that serves as both a surface application and feature piece. Since its origins, in Greek and Roman times, the way a mosaic can be created has developed somewhat which deviates from the initial results of its predecessors. (more…)

FORMULA ONE CAR 12mm full tile

The Blog focus on our Design Service continues as we provide further information about the various and technically demanding methods we use to create bespoke mosaics that can be commissioned by our customers. (more…)

In another edition of our 2014 trend focus, we have been looking into the main designs and pallets that will be a dominant force next year. The simple, yet striking and conflicting tones of black and white will be seen throughout the home to offer a classic style, aided with splashes of vibrant colour and geometric prints. (more…)


Some examples of prestigious projects where Waxman were proud to be the nominated supplier of wall & floor finishes.

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