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Although it may not currently look like it, great British summer time is in full swing. It’s the time of year when we frequent the outdoors to make the most of the longer and brighter days, rather than being cooped up indoors. However, as the UK weather can’t be as predictable as hoped, we’re often left with broken plans and dampened spirits when it comes to those much needed outdoor activities. (more…)


If you’ve been regularly following our blog over the months you’ll know quite well how versatile tiles are. They’re not only low maintenance and cost effective, but when implemented under the right advice and application they can look spectacular for years and years. However, we do find that when the winter months are upon us, many customers are reluctant to choose tiles as their chosen floor covering due to the misconception that they are cold and uninviting. Here, we banish those myths. (more…)


Over the years tiles have taken on many different forms, from intricate mosaics to elaborate encaustic designs with geometric pattern detailing, they are certainly a versatile choice when considering a surface covering for floors and walls. The tile’s main floor covering contender has always been its organic wooden counterpart; the floorboard, which was a traditional building staple, used decades ago in house design. (more…)


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