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Tiles boast an abundance of benefits, as you will have read in previous posts; not only are they extremely durable, stylish and flexible in regards to specification, their many materials and formats mean that they can offer a plethora of texture and depth, too. This means they can present something a little bit different when it comes to the whole design of a space. (more…)

Retail Design - Bespoke Boutiques- May 2016

Capturing the attention of desired customers is one of the hardest challenges in retail design. With so much competition, it is important to give good first impressions and ensure store facades reflect the whole brand, which is no mean feat. (more…)

Retail Design - First Impressions - May 2016

In retail design first impressions count. The whole look and feel of a restaurant or boutique can completely determine the way customers perceive it, not only by the products within but the brand it encompasses. Therefore, using the right finishing touches is vital to ensure first impressions are as desired. (more…)

Beautiful bathroom

Designing a bathroom is a major consideration. Not only does it need to be functional for everyday use, by the whole household, but it needs to be practically decorated in order to withstand such a heavy footfall. Thanks to the high quality tiles and bathroom furniture solutions available today, this can be achieved with style and flair to suit a wide range of tastes and needs. (more…)

Low tide set shot (smaller)

The relaxing sounds and views from a day at the beach can bring a soothing sense of calm to anotherwise hectic summer. Distant echos of waves crashing, combined with a gentle breeze and blue skies, are the perfect combination when looking for a seasonal retreat away from the throws of everyday reality. Low tide mimics the organic ocean tones and views to provide a breathtaking wall application. (more…)

Large format blog pic

We’ve raved about our mosaics, gushed over our hexagon range and gone crazy for subway tile offerings, however there’s one range that we’ve kept from the limelight that hasn’t seen the exposure it deserves! The larger format tile is an elegant, classy and timeless option for those who are planning a high-end finish that will hold its style for years to come. Here we provide you with more reasons why larger format tiles bring optimum results. (more…)


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