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Tiles boast an abundance of benefits, as you will have read in previous posts; not only are they extremely durable, stylish and flexible in regards to specification, their many materials and formats mean that they can offer a plethora of texture and depth, too. This means they can present something a little bit different when it comes to the whole design of a space. (more…)

Build it with Waxman Collage Tile Collection LARGE FORMAT - April 2016

When it comes to tiles, the vast number of options available can mean that deciding on a final choice can be difficult. Whether putting the finishing touches to a kitchen, bathroom, entryway or conservatory the surface to be used can make a whole lot of difference on the final result. Why not consider large-format tiles? (more…)


Pools can take on various personas, from opulent focal points to understated retreats; all require essential planning and design to ensure ideas are translated into realistic spaces ready for use. Of course, there are many components to the planning process, from choosing the right colour scheme to more technical features like draining and pumps. However, when it comes to the finishing touches, one main consideration is the tiles or surfaces that are to be used. (more…)

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 We can see it! Spring is making its way to us; slowly but surely the days are becoming a little brighter and longer, with the rain gradually falling less and less, which means its time to start considering those Spring additions to home decor. From delicate pastels to robust inside outside designs, we have the ideal tile ranges to ensure spring is effervescent throughout the home.  (more…)

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Once again we have a bank holiday coming up! Not only does this mean we can make the most of our last few days of sunshine with leisurely strolls and socialising, it also means those DIY enthusiasts among us can dig out their tool belts out once more and get to work on those rooms that have been gagging for attention for some time. (more…)

History repeating blog

Every now and then we’ll see a style that transcends the trend of the moment and remains as fashionable as ever, regardless of decade. With tiles, this can certainly be said! Of course, the floral borders and garish pastels of yesteryear are definitely not those we’d like to remember (sorry to bring back the memories), however there are a lucky few styles that have hung on in there and further increased in popularity as tile trends have once again come back around.   (more…)

How to ensure tiles look forever fabulous


How to ensure tiles look forever fabulous

Tiles are renowned for being a low maintenance and durable surface choice for many rooms around the home or business. Not only are they wipe clean (in most cases) but they will stand the test of time, regardless of new family additions; be it pets or people and remain looking just as good as the day they were laid. Or will they? (more…)

Glass mosaics

Glass mosaic collage

The glass mosaic has been the king of the Pool and Spa castle for decades, and who can blame it? Durability that can hardly be challenged and a facade that can take on various styles; it is well and truly versatile. (more…)



When considering the finishing touches to a pool area, it’s easy to get caught up in the stylish aesthetics that will ‘wow’ visitors as they admire the tranquil retreat before them. Although these elegant aspects are vital in enticing people to take the plunge, it’s highly important to take into account the pool’s safety before its style. (more…)

It’s been holding off and procrastinating all year long but there’s definitely no denying it, summer is well and truly here. OK, the odd April shower has made an unwelcome appearance, but that hasn’t dampened our spirits one bit in looking forward to the delights that summer brings! In fact, we’re almost bursting with excitement writing this blog at the endless opportunities our floor tile offerings can bring to maximising these longer days ahead of us… (more…)


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