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When choosing the appropriate tile for an upcoming project, most emphasis is put on the material it is made from, the finish and its durability. One of the last things many of us consider is the way it will be laid. Of course, if a particular assembly is requested at specification, then this is an exception. (more…)


Well, what a hectic few days! Months of preparation and planning for one of our largest shows of the year, Spatex, and the buzz of the show is just about wearing off as we reflect on another successful stand . (more…)

Polished Perfection - JAN 2016

With rustic and industrial trends rocking commercial and domestic designs across the UK, offering an effortlessly modern result, it’s easy to be distracted from other trends that are set to take 2016 by storm. Concrete effect surfaces have been dominating the industry thanks to their raw matt finish, but for those who want something a little more sophisticated, there’s a whole host of products on the market to appease. (more…)

Greige collage

With a number of brightly coloured, quirky patterned and digitally enhanced tile ranges on the scene at the moment, it’s worth considering the unassuming and stylish trend of ‘greige’, a mixture of the neutral shades of grey and beige. Blending these, once considered bland, colours together can achieve a quintessentially elegant look that defies time and blows other, more abstract style, tiles out of the water. Here we explore the ranges available from Waxman Ceramics that can achieve this look. (more…)

Arc - Welcome

ELLAND, UK: Waxman Architectural Tiles, one of the UK’s leading distributors of high quality floor and wall tiles, is pleased to announce the launch of its new all encompassing product website. (more…)

Period living collage

When it comes to decorating or renovating, it seems the nation is divided. Some go for the modern look that encompasses all things contemporary, from resin formed chairs to the newest light fittings, paint colours and (of course) tile designs. Others celebrate the traditions of yesteryear by exposing existing period features, creating a nostalgic look and replicating kitchens and bathrooms with revived tile designs. This is reflected in the latest tile trends, which can perfectly transition from trendy to traditional – meeting all tastes. (more…)


We’ve seen it coming for quite some time now; spending has been slowly improving in the construction and house building industry and homeowners in particular are investing in kitchen and bathroom improvements, more and more. This means that there’s great optimism for 2015, with an abundance of opportunity for all those wanting a piece of the market share. (more…)

Blue collage

We may be blind sighted by all things that glitter this season, from festive fairy lights to the frost (and hopefully snow) that descends on the ground, however, there’s one hue that really adds the magic to these winter months and that’s the colour blue. (more…)

Anti slip tiles minimise the risk of slipping on when wet

Anti slip tiles minimise the risk of slipping when wet

You may have heard us mention the term ‘anti-slip’ in a few of our blog posts previously and, unless you’re a tile expert, this could be a word that goes straight over your head. We have put together this blog to provide you with as much information about anti-slip ratings as possible, so you’re in the know when it comes to choosing the perfect tile. (more…)


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