Why tiles are the ideal solution for conservatories

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Although it may not currently look like it, great British summer time is in full swing. It’s the time of year when we frequent the outdoors to make the most of the longer and brighter days, rather than being cooped up indoors. However, as the UK weather can’t be as predictable as hoped, we’re often left with broken plans and dampened spirits when it comes to those much needed outdoor activities.

For those with a conservatory, this can be easily overcome as the outdoors can be brought in, without the fear of the weather taking a turn for the worst. Needless to say, this means that these spaces should be prepared for a large range of uses where the inevitable mud, water and food spillages will occur.

Tiles are a great solution in conservatories for a number of reasons, like so:

They conduct heat


Conservatories are perfect for the summer; they extend the home into an outdoor space, allowing for a whole host of entertainment possibilities. However, they shouldn’t be ruled out for use in the cooler months either. After all, that space should be utilised to the maximum.

Porcelain tiles are great conductors of heat, so not only will they offer a comfortable surface to walk on when the weather is more favourable, they can be used in conjunction with under floor heating to give the feet a warming lift, even in winter. This is a great way to optimise the reception space even more.

They are durable

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As a passage way from the garden to the home, conservatories will see increased traffic over the summer months. Bare feet, paws and perhaps an excess of furniture shifting to accommodate more visitors, the floor space needs tiles as they will withstand an abundance of movement and wear.

Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are hard wearing so are more durable when it comes to holding their own in areas that see a lot of action, yet will still look spectacular regardless. Add to this their wipe clean surface and tiles are the perfect solution even if the weather turns to a muddier affair.

They are water resistant

When hosting the entertainment over summer, it’s inevitable that guests will want to cool down with refreshing drinks and perhaps even a dip in a paddling pool or hot tub as the evening falls. This means that a whole host of soggy feet and spillages will grace the floors of the conservatory. And, as the British weather is so unpredictable, all sorts of other substances might be potentially traipsed inside.

Tiles, opposed to carpets, are easy to clean and are almost non-porous, which means regardless of any spillages or rain they will be easy to wipe down and dry off, leaving the space looking as good as ever in no time.

They have longevity

With a carefully planned and thought out design, conservatories can last years without needing an overhaul. This is thanks to their durability, which means the initial investment is certainly worth it. Opposed to other materials, tiles rarely fade, which is a huge consideration when planning a conservatory as they are natural sun traps due to their glass walls and roofs.

They look great

Regardless of taste, budget and specification tiles are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes and colours to appease even the most indecisive of customers. From functional flooring with an anti-slip finish to traditional mosaics that offer a classic style, there’s a tile that will match the design in question.

Furthermore, as conservatories are a link to the outdoors, this can be enhanced even more by creating a continuous space. Tiles are now available in a number of finishes, within the same range to enable use on floors internally and externally, assisting in achieving the modern trend of indoor/outdoor living. This creates a more open space that effortlessly transcends from the home into the garden by using the same tile (but with different finishes) throughout.

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