Trends 2016 – Metallic Tiles

Glamorous Glass collage

Making a statement with tiles has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the trends that 2016 has unravelled. From quirky prints to textured tiles, this year has offered a dynamic mix of modern and traditional designs.

The metallic trend transcends throughout interiors, with style notes being found in plumbing, interior accessories and (of course) surfaces. Tiles and mosaics are no stranger to this trend, with an abundance of chrome, gold and bronze ranges on offer.

Reflecting light spectacularly and adding an almost industrial edge to overall design, metallic tiles can be incorporated throughout any space to achieve very different results. Opulent spaces can be created by applying ultra polished mosaics or tiles upon walls to give the effect of a head to toe mirrored space. Conversely, mottled metallics offer a rougher appearance and carry the light differently, which is ideal for wet areas.

We have a number of ranges that possess these qualities and offer the ideal solution for both commercial and domestic applications.


elements set shot OCT 2015 - cropped small

Elements  uses various mottled surfaces, combined with ultra polished chrome effect glass to create the look of metal.  All variations in this range come in the same silver colour yet differentiate themselves by way of texture and shape to achieve a number of striking results. Each style hosts a unique metallic surface while offering a medley of mottled and smooth exteriors.



Offering smooth or mottled surfaces, the Ceris glass mosaic range exudes opulence with its pearlescent facade. Each tile is 25x25mm and available in five colours, including two texture mixes; a suitable choice for internal and external walls.


Iridis - 2016

A bejewelling glass mosaic tile range, Iridis hosts 24 pearlescent colours that are ideal for internal and external walls.  Each tile holds a slightly different light reflecting property upon its 25x25mm surface, offering an exquisite finish when submerged in water.


Lusturous - 2016

Creating an exquisite result once applied to internal or external walls, this glass mosaic introduces opulence to any space. Each individual tile is 15x15mm with sheets available in six rich colour options.


Chromatic Purple haze

Miniature lustrous pieces collaborate to create Chromatic, an impressive glass mosaic range.  It is   impermeable to water, locking in the jewel like tones of this striking range, making it the ideal solution for internal and external wall applications.

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