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Tiles have been around for decades. Modestly sitting on the walls and floors of UK homes, being all functional and durable, they’ve been somewhat overlooked. Now it is their time to shine and with a number of styles and designs that steal the spotlight, their full potential can now be met.

Playing with print and pattern is emerging as a strong trend throughout 2016. We’ve seen accents in art and fashion, which are quickly influencing the world of tile design; from monochrome 3D prints to mixing and matching tile colours and shapes, tiles can be used on floors and walls to create eye catching results.

3D prints

With the advances in digital printing technology, tiles can adopt many different facades. They can mimic natural materials, possess quirky prints and even give a geometric effect. By using a combination of shape and colour in a 3D design, tiles can create an impressive result that meets one of the most contemporary design trends of 2016.


Traffic (3D Hexagonal)


 By using a mix of tile colours and shapes, geometric patterns can be created upon a more textured surface; meeting traditional design but with a modern twist. Ideal for hallways, entryways and foyers, hexagons, triangles, diamonds and squares can be used in various designs to create anything from chequerboard to 3D inspired effects.

These mosaics are a good example of how cut tiles can be contrasted against one another to achieve this look:


Shapes (Hexagon)

GeoGeo (Cambridge Pattern)

Monochrome patterns

Along with 3D prints and cut tile designs, monochrome patterns are also a great way to inject a little contemporary style into the kitchen, bathroom or feature wall. By harnessing new inkjet printing techniques, tiles can be made to meet most trends and as geometrics are coming into their own, this is reflected in a number of popular ranges available from Waxman Ceramics.

Vox Vox (Decor and Blanco Mix)

MonoHeritage Taco  (Black)

Cut Tile Patterns

Another way to achieve the geometric tile trend is to create a bespoke cut tile mix using the same range in monochrome tones. This way a truly unique design can be commissioned to suit the needs of end-users and the overall theme of the projects. Below are a few examples of how our tiles have been cut and applied on a commissioned pattern to achieve a one of a kind geometric look.

Dishoom floorDishoom – Covent Garden

PressRelease_CURZON_Victoria_FINAL SELECTION003Curzon Victoria – London

For more information about the ranges or projects highlighted in this blog post, please head to our all new website which will give you further detail and product specifics.

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