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Tiles and their use in design have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only are they now being implemented as a stylish addition to both residential and commercial projects, but their whole shape concept is changing and evolving in front of our very eyes. This is becoming more and more evident in the pages of home and design magazines, where people are becoming a lot braver in their choice of style and shape – long gone are the squares and rectangles that dominated walls and floors, now it’s the turn for hexagons galore.

In fact, the Huffington Post recently published an article that claimed subway tiles are on their way out in favour of the more stand-out geometric design, paving the way for 2015’s latest trends. As always, Waxman Ceramics is on top of this and has a wide selection of new hexagon shaped tiles that can really add a modern and trend-setting design that paves the way for others to follow, no matter where implemented.

From small mosaic sheets to larger format hexagon tiles, there’s a range to suit all specifications and tastes…

Unglazed Hexagon        


As part of our popular Unglazed Victorian range, comes Unglazed Hexagon. A 10 x 10cm porcelain tile that is fully vitrified, meaning the colour is throughout the tile. It looks fabulous for hallway and foyer applications and because it is unglazed it provides a matt finish that is durable and long lasting.

Unglazed hexagon

Because this range is NEW we have limited images of the Unglazed Hexagon range.



The Shapes range has been a part of the Waxman Ceramics mosaic family for quite some time and has proved ever popular for a multitude of purposes. Available in a 23 x 26mm mosaic, in a mixture of black and white and white all over, as well as a black and white octagon/square combo, the possibilities are endless for anyone who is going for a monochrome design.

Shapes hexagon

Onix Hexagon

hexagon mosaic

The newest of our shapely brood, Onix Hexagon is available in two finishes – Nature and Stone Glass. The first is a glass tile mosaic that adopts the shape of a hexagon while offering a matt finish and is available in black grey and brown. The latter is also a glass tile mosaic, however exhibits two different finishes, one of a glazed tile and the other of stone to provide a stark and impressive contrast when implemented. This option is available in black grey and white.


This looks excellent when fully covering a wet area, such as a bathroom, like the image above illustrates.

For more information regarding Waxman Ceramics’ range of geometric and hexagon shaped tiles, please don’t hesitate to contact our excellent team on 01422 377123 or email and they will be more than happy to help.

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