Seasonal decor trend: Autumn


Although the weather is changing and the temperature is dropping, with a definite chill ascending, there’s certainly one thing that can be said for autumn that deviates from this doom and gloom… and that’s how beautiful everything looks when in full force. The trees take on a patchwork of oranges, yellows and reds that provide a colourful canopy across the country; the perfect canvas of inspiration when taking on a new design project.

Isn’t it ironic that even though these colours are some of the warmest of all, we still associate them with colder months? Yet, when implemented in homes, cinemas or foyers (just a few of the places our tiles have been used) they can offer something much more than our associated paradigms; an alluring opulence that welcomes visitors to explore.

By adding aspects of decor encompassing soft furnishings, crockery, floor and wall tiles, these colours can amalgamate to offer a striking result that hints towards cosiness and warmth.

Yellow and orange Yellow bath -Retro

Our Spanish relatives know just how effective this colour combination can be, with accents of terracotta and deep yellow that create the quintessential Mediterranean look that we’re all familiar with. Earthy, warm and eclectic, are all words that we associate with this look and can have a great impact when mimicked in the dwellings of Britain. Encaustic style porcelain tiles that adopt various designs, mixed with deep yellows and burnt oranges can create a kitchen that surely means business!

MixHeritage set shot

On the other hand, taking on a more luxurious approach with tones of gold and bronze, taken from North African and Arabian influences, can offer a much more show stopping result. Using a tile with a glazed finished in an opulent hue can transform a bathroom into an enigmatic boudoir of tranquility and relaxation.

Accord is a stylish mosaic tile that is available in a multitude of colour options

Even graduating fades can adopt this fiery pallet to offer a more diverse and interesting design for mosaic patterns. Either applied horizontally or vertically, they will have a stand out effect that will dazzle from season to season, regardless of its seasonal inspiration.

Orange fade

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