Seasonal adjustments – tiled fireplaces

Amb Evolution Stone salon (smaller)

The tell tale signs of Autumn are beginning to show once more. Schools are back in action, mornings are becoming cooler and trees less lush in favour of a sea of golden browns, burnt oranges and deep crimsons; with this means a shift in interior design trends, as well as practical home adjustments.

While fires are becoming lit for the first time in months and that fashionable throw is being remembered as a functional necessity, as the cold creeps in, there’s a subtle transmission from summer hues to autumn tones. The focal point of homes, restaurants and bars is now becoming the heat giver of the building – the hearth – so we thought we’d provide a little inspiration should it need a little sprucing up.

Wood burning fires are rapidly increasing in popularity and with this is the new trend of tiled hearths, mantles and chimney walls. The Victorians loved this style and, because of the heat conducting properties of ceramic and porcelain, it can aid efficiency as well as elegance throughout winter.  But just where is the best place to start?

Fireplace tiles - Unglazed

Style preferences will dominate this in the most part; those looking for a traditional nod to a simpler time may find unglazed, fully vitrified tiles are the way to go (giving a finish much similar to the image above), whereas those with minimalist plans could prefer a larger format tile like Cantera (achieving a similar look to the image below). The key is to in-keep with the style of the house and the era it was built. There’s no use going modern if the fireplace sits in a quirky cottage or rustic restaurant; stay true to the decor.

Fireplace tiles - Cantera

Tiled fireplaces can encompass a few feature tiles down each side of the fire, or the whole chimney breast, all of which have a completely different result once implemented. Traditional fireplaces tend to use this style, along with a tiled hearth in a similar colour, to really create a spectacular finish. On the other hand, more modern designs have seen the inner chimney receive tile work, as well as the surround, leaving the hearth with a natural Yorkshire or Indian stone.

Here’s a few of our favourite spots on Pinterest, which are easily achievable with tiles from Waxman Ceramics.

 Fireplace tiles - cooker - Diamond Fireplace tiles - galway or vox Fireplace Tiles - Heritage Taco 2 Fireplace tiles - Lustre Pearl Fireplace tiles - Mini metro mosaic Fireplace tiles - swing - Fireplace tiles - wood effect tiles Fireplace tiles- hexagon mosaic

Tile suggestions from left-right: Diamond, Vox, Heritage Taco, Lustre Pearl (mosaic), Mini metro (mosaic), Swing, Woodland (wood effect tiles), Hexagon (mosaic).

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