Retail Design – First Impressions

Retail Design - First Impressions - May 2016

In retail design first impressions count. The whole look and feel of a restaurant or boutique can completely determine the way customers perceive it, not only by the products within but the brand it encompasses. Therefore, using the right finishing touches is vital to ensure first impressions are as desired.

The design of a store should reflect the clientele who are going to visit and the products which will be sold, therefore understanding current trends and the products that are available to meet these are just as important as the finished result. Tiles in retail design are a perfect match; they are hard wearing, versatile and stylish, all important aspects when considering a surface solution.

With a clear goal to entice customers, regardless of brand, it is important that every single detail is considered and with some of the most contemporary tiles available, we have that area covered. But why choose tiles over other materials to win your customers over?

Good Looking

First things first, tiles are so much more visually pleasing than vinyl and brushed concrete alternatives. Because they are available in a number of sizes, patterns, colours and finishes, any result is possible with tiles and, thanks to digital printing technology, many materials can be mimicked to maximise appeal while ensuring durability.

From vintage inspired encaustic patterns to ultra contemporary large-format tiles, there is a plethora of choice for most requirements to help you meet your specification needs.



heritage mix


Versatile (the pun wasn’t even intentional)

Thanks to the many options available for porcelain tiles, once you’ve decided on what you want the space to look like, it’s easy to find something that suits. If you want something that sits understated on the floor to ensure products are further accentuated, grey tiles with a brushed finish are perfect. If you want to create a unique feature that will grab the attention of consumers then you can choose from a variety of tiles and mosaics that will do just that.

With colours and patterns to suit any retail design and scheme, all you need to do is choose the tile that matches the best and stays in line with your objectives.


A 33852

Mosaic cover spectrum

Safe and durable

Once you’ve chosen a design you like you’ll want it to remain just as spectacular now as it does in years to come, nobody wants the first impressions of their business to be run down and lack lustre. This is why tiles are such a good choice; they are extremely durable to the high levels of foot traffic retail environments see and they hardly ever lose their colour or appearance, regardless of spillages or scrapes.

Furthermore, porcelain tiles are very safe. Tiles are tested for their suitability in various scenarios for the safety of those who use them, so should your project need to meet certain safety measures, you can check these ratings on the tiles you’re looking at for the most suitable and safe option.

PressRelease_CURZON_Victoria_FINAL SELECTION003



Waxman Ceramics’ specification division, Waxman Architectural Tiles, has worked on a number of retail projects to help designers and architects meet the requirements such spaces demand. From independent restaurants to large shopping centre chains we have a suitable range to suit. Find out more over on our new site.

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