Retail design – Bespoke Boutiques

Retail Design - Bespoke Boutiques- May 2016

Capturing the attention of desired customers is one of the hardest challenges in retail design. With so much competition, it is important to give good first impressions and ensure store facades reflect the whole brand, which is no mean feat.

With abundant tile choices, which grow by the minute, it’s almost guaranteed that there’ll be something suitable to appeal to the target audience in order to create an environment that they’ll instantly love. However, this doesn’t mean the competition isn’t going to copy or coincidently choose something similar – after all, the design brief will be comparable given the demographic.

This is where bespoke design comes into play. By commissioning a unique tile design for a feature wall or eye catching entryway, it can open up a whole new world for customers to explore. From specially made tile patterns to customized tiles in unusual shapes, a bespoke surface will surely win over the masses.

Mosaic designs

Cafe Rouge Chapelfield Norwich 1

Cafe Rouge – Mosaic mix

Cafe image 3

Perfectionists’ Cafe -Blue hexagon mosaic

Here at Waxman Ceramics, we have a lot of mosaics; it’s one of our specialities. Glass, porcelain, ceramic – you name it and we’ve got it, so creating bespoke pieces is all in a day’s work. We work closely with our design partners to ensure our customers get the most outstanding results and all we need is an image, the rest is completed by our experts.

From exclusive store names that offer a grand welcome to visitors, to large abstract pieces to enhance the ambiance, the mosaics we create will certainly make a lasting impression.

Tile cutting

Dishoom floor

Dishoom Covent Garden – Bespoke cut tile pattern


Oriel Restaurant – Bespoke cut tile pattern

Use one of our many tiles ranges to create an inimitable surface. Just because the tiles we offer come in standard sizes, it doesn’t limit the design; our tiles have been cut into all sorts of shapes to create stylish one-off designs.

Thinking outside the box is encouraged here. Although we offer a large variety of shapes and sizes, cutting tiles to a bespoke shape can facilitate the use of multiple textures and styles.

Whether it’s traditional or modern, there’s a stylish alternative that’ll ensure customer experience exceeds its limits.

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