Polished Perfection

Polished Perfection - JAN 2016

With rustic and industrial trends rocking commercial and domestic designs across the UK, offering an effortlessly modern result, it’s easy to be distracted from other trends that are set to take 2016 by storm. Concrete effect surfaces have been dominating the industry thanks to their raw matt finish, but for those who want something a little more sophisticated, there’s a whole host of products on the market to appease.

Polished and glazed tiles reflect light and create smooth surfaces that epitomise luxury. They can be used in various scenarios for backdrops that double up as striking features – the ideal choice for luxury bathrooms, opulent living spaces and refined receptions, where greys and concrete just won’t cut it. Made from a whole host of materials, polished tiles have many uses for spectacular results.

Glass tiles

spectrum set shot OCT 2015 Elements - Chromium - Sept 2015

 Glass tiles are often used to create mosaic sheets to provide a robust yet stylish surface solution. As technology has progressed, so have the designs of glass tiles with abundant options to meet the requirements of most tastes, budgets and specifications. Metallics are currently seeing resurgence, with opulent chromes and rose tones being the Interior Designers favourite. Combine this with crystal like cut glass mosaics (the ultimate indulgence) and the polished perfection is achieved.

Metro tiles

Galway - set shotDiamond Set Shot

Suitable for use in a number of ways, the metro tile can transition from glamorous to rustic simply by the surrounding it sits within. The glazed finish properties of metro tiles can offer a dynamic surface to most spaces, especially ranges with a traditional bevelled edge. Early Centenary inspired designs have utilised this look in recent times to give a nostalgic nod towards wall and floor decor, with show stopping results.

Large format tiles


An ultra modern alternative for both walls and floors, large format tiles scream contemporary. Sleek lines and smooth surfaces are optimised with glazed finishes to enhance the space and the material in which they are made from. Large format options that are currently seeing increasing popularity are those that mimic the look of natural minerals such as marble; the ultimate luxury item.

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