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Did you know Waxman Ceramics is the UK’s largest importer and distributor of mosaic tiles? Because of this, it means we know our stuff when it comes to mosaics, no matter what format! Here, we pay homage to our collection and highlight some of our most popular ranges, predicted for 2015. 



This year it’s all about the texture! From glossy finishes to natural wood and stone effects, a combination of rough and smooth fits hand in hand to offer a durable yet stylish backdrop, no matter where implemented. Accord is a pioneer in this stand out blend. It combines a mix of colours in glass and natural stone to add extra depth and excitement, which are further enhanced in changing lights and seasons.



Monochrome is making its mark this year. With a multitude of colour options and textures available, the Geo range off-sets this by offering something quite simple yet striking once applied. It is an unglazed porcelain mosaic that is made from a number of shapes and monochromatic colours, to achieve a geometric pattern with spectacular results. Ideal for foyer and hallway applications, the Geo range will add a ‘WOW’ factor to any space.


Lux set

The devil is in the detail with this range. Not only will it offer a neutral backdrop to kitchens, bathroom, pools and spas but it can also work as a standalone feature wall thanks to the intricate engravings and embellishments that adorn the surface of individual tiles. A mixture of glass, natural stone and porcelain stoneware, this contemporary mosaic is ideal to add rustic charm to any space.


Moon set shot

If opulence is more your thing then this glass mosaic is the perfect tonic; it comes in a range of six iridescent effects to really add a touch of luxury and glamour to walls and floors. It’s textured, too, which means throughout various times of the day, the light will catch it perfectly to reveal its lustrous facade.



Square mosaics have a fierce contender! While tessellating like a dream, square mosaics are seeing quite some competition from 2015’s most popular shape – the hexagon. Adding something a little bit different, Waxman Ceramics has already seen tons of interest in its six-sided offerings and expects to see many more before the year is out!

 For more information about the ranges highlighted above, simply contact the Waxman Ceramics team on 01422 377123 or email

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