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Have you noticed the increase in nature inspired tiles and mosaics lately? From marble to wood, it seems there’s a resurgence of requirement for surfaces that give a rustic feel. Judging by the abundant tile ranges on the market that meet this requirement, it seems we have a new trend on our hands.

We’ve previously written about the modern digital printing technologies that are employed for a number of our ranges tho achieve geometric patterns and realistic facades; these methods are also used to create unique surfaces that mimic alternative materials from those which the tiles are made. But why?

There are many reasons why porcelain tiles are re-designed, with the help of digital printing, to mimic other materials; for some it’s purely a matter of taste and for others it’s down to durability. Here we explore further.

Under floor heating


Many people long for the warmth of underfloor heating ; it provides an extra level of comfort for those who enjoy the pleasures of walking barefoot. However for those who want to combine this luxury with the traditional surface of wooden flooring, their dream is often not met. By using a wood effect porcelain tile, homeowners can have their cake and eat it too!

Advanced techniques now mean that it’s hard to tell the difference between a digitally enhanced porcelain tile and a wooden plank, with intricate detail making each piece as unique as the ,last – much like you’d expect from wood.



Our kitchens and bathrooms see so much traffic, especially the wet kind, so a durable floor choice is the ideal solution. Yet, as traditional styles become more and more popular, materials such wood are particularly in favour; not in terms of durability.

Wood swells and rots when in contact with water on a regular basis, so having it in the kitchen or bathroom can compromise its longevity. A wood effect tile made from porcelain will look the part while lasting longer.



The desire for marble walls and floors is increasing as the trend gains momentum. Of course, a marble floor would be the quintessential bathroom luxury with elegant veins and highly polished surfaces but would probably be a health and safety disaster. Imagine the slip hazards?!

A marble effect tile will give the look of the opulent natural stone yet the benefits of a safer surface. And, because many are now available in large format it means the effect is even more striking.


Ambient - Evolution Black

Ever priced up an oak or natural stone floor? These traditional flooring methods rack up quite the bill and can make a small budgets even smaller in house building projects. The cost of digitally printed tiles in comparison can be, therefore, alluring.

Waxman Ceramics has a number of digitally enhanced tiles that can help to provide realistic alternatives to natural surfaces. For more information about the wood or stone effect tiles we can offer, please get in touch on 01422 377123 

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