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Your home is your castle, a place of familiarity, family and function – not to mention the result of  hours of hard work, love and perseverance – so why give that up to start all over again? Many people are oblivious of the potential that their current home is hiding and are all too keen to leave without unveiling the endless possibilities it can offer. Are you one of these people?

Giving a house up for more space and a better location may be feasible reasons, but when it comes to it, is it really worth the hassle of starting all over again? By taking a step back from the house search and searching around your own house for future build and renovation possibilities, you could realise hidden charm in places you least expected it – by enhancing this you could really create your own, bespoke home.

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to stay put; a few years ago we could have put this down to the financial crisis where people physically couldn’t afford. Now the country is more financially stable, which is reflected in steadily increasing house prices, this trend remains strong with the home improvement industry in a particular boom.

With money no longer the issue, we could put this down to the fact that homeowners are becoming more house savvy. They understand the stress that comes with uprooting and that’s not mentioning the endless chore of actually finding the right house to begin with. The home you’re in now was once THE house for you, so what’s changed?

For many, the reason for moving is simply boredom. Bored of the kitchen, bored of the bedroom and bored of thinking about ways to make it better, but when faced with the tedious job of moving and working out what is staying and what is going, wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to do this with your own home?

By simply renovating a few rooms of your house, you can transform it into your dream home, without the £100,000 + price tag that a new home would cost and to do this can be relatively stress-free, in comparison:

Spruce up your kitchen

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Kitchens age a lot faster than most other rooms in the home and it’s not surprising when we think of how much action they see. Not only does the kitchen serve its function in feeding the family, but it is usually the hub of most interactions too. Not only do they easily date, but experience endless wear and tear, so giving your kitchen a little TLC with a contemporary make-over will knock years off and add value to your home.

This needn’t cost the earth! Depending on budget, a kitchen make-over can cost as much or as little as you want, from a simple lick of paint and tile replacement to total refit – it’s all relative. Here are a few simple tips for instant impact.

  • Replace laminate flooring with a robust, neutral coloured floor tile. This will be easy to clean, durable and offer the perfect long lasting base for other more vibrant tones in your decor.
  • Choose a wall tile that complements your units and fittings. It’s no good, going for a modern glass mosaic tile when you have traditional farm-house style kitchen units; conversely modern units need a tile to suit.

Give your bathroom some love

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Your bathroom has a tough job! It keeps you fresh and clean and is one of the rooms that sees the highest traffic, in-fact it gets used more than 10 times a day. Keeping the bathroom as clean as it keeps you is a task that very few can keep up with and therefore over time can become worn out and tired. So, giving it some love will add some extra vitality and make it a pleasure to frequent.

With a few simple improvements your bathroom can get a whole new lease of life, which again need not cost the earth.

  • Ensure the tiles surrounding your bath and shower are durable and waterproof, this will guarantee they last as long as possible while still maintaining style.
  • Floor tiles that are, again, waterproof and have anti-slip properties will be both safe and stylish – these can come in a range of colours, formats and prices.

Of course, this is only the start. There are endless ways to improve the home in a cost-effective way rather than going through the stressful process of finding a house and turning it into a place you can call home.  Waxman Ceramics’ has an abundance of products that could help in this respect, from wall to floor, indoor and outdoor, even in a bespoke mosaic tile design for a more individual look.

For more information about the ranges we can supply and the products we have on offer, please contact the Waxman Ceramics team on 01422 377123 or email

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