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The kitchen is the heart of the home so its design is crucial. Homeowners spend most evenings concocting meals that feed and bring their family together, a lot of the time putting little thought into their durable surroundings. The fact is, kitchens are tough and the components used to create them with such function must be carefully considered to live up to such demanding circumstances.

Cabinetry, appliances and general layout are usually at the top of the list in Kitchen planning and tiles can sometimes see little thought – yet it’s these that usually have the most impact once the project is complete.

A durable and stylish solution, tiles have longevity and resilience to the everyday wear and tear that kitchens regularly see, so when it comes to considering the finishing touches in a kitchen tiles should always come first on the agenda. After all, with the overall costs new kitchens equate to once they’re installed, it’s not like they’ll be changed very often.  Here we offer guidance as to the best tiles to use for walls and floors in kitchens.


Most commonly used for the back splash behind sinks and hobs, tiles are almost impossible to stain and highly resilient to water, so they’re an obvious choice when it comes to covering such areas. As kitchens become braver in both the colour and design stakes, there’s been a noticeable rise in the use of tiles to create eye-catching features on splash backs and surrounding areas.

Of course, as kitchen design rules go, the sink almost always faces a window (if possible) helping to make the task of washing up less monotonous with a slightly more interesting view than a solid wall. But who’s to say this can’t be further enhanced?

By adding a funky splash back behind the sink and cooker, it serves a dual purpose; protecting the wall behind from splashes of water or saucy foods, as well as adding colour to the kitchen, where it may otherwise be lacking.

Make a statement

Elements - Mosaic brochure - Dec 2015

Mirrored back splashes are seeing a surge in popularity at the moment and are a great way to add more light to the space. Use chrome effect mosaics, like our elements range, to match taps and handles while introducing a stylish twist.

6_patchwork WINTER Ambient_PRINT

As dual colours are becoming more popular in cabinetry, wall tiles are an ideal solution to draw in these shades and pull everything together with a striking focal point. Printed tiles can add a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral backdrop.

Go for a timeless classic

Heritage Set Shot FEB 2016 small

The classic subway tile can be used to create a timeless, effortless style, regardless of how old the kitchen gets. Our Heritage range is made from glazed porcelain and is available in a number of subtle pastel shades to help with understated palettes.


When it comes to kitchen floors, tiles are almost always the best choice. Not only do they look stylish, but they are extremely durable to the high levels of traffic that comes with such a multipurpose space. Over the years tiles have been able to offer much more in the style stakes, making them even more of a suitable option in kitchen design.

Digital printing has opened up a realm of opportunities in tile manufacturing, where surfaces can mimic a number of different materials, resulting in a much wider choice and better solutions for flooring requirements.

By tiling a floor it is bound to be far more water resistant and durable than other alternatives such as linoleum and exposed wood and because tiles are so versatile, they present so many more options for application, helping to enhance the space and its surroundings.

Back to basics


Just because the options for tiles are endless, it doesn’t mean you must choose the most contemporary and trend led range out there. If the overall kitchen design warrants a more traditional inspired tile, look for solutions that meet contemporary demands. Large format, natural stone effect tiles are ideal to enhance a kitchen with traditional design


Perhaps the style is best suited to a rustic finish, where going back to basics might require a wooden floor. This is not a durable option for Kitchen application; try instead a porcelain tile alternative such as Vancouver or Origen.

Be bold


Eclectic styles are becoming increasingly popular, with many kitchens opting for a geometric or bohemian theme to balance industrial features such as chrome and exposed wood. Traffic is the ideal tile to achieve this look and offers a monochrome mixture of grey shades; the ideal solution for kitchens with a simple palette.

All the ranges listed in this blog post are available to view on our sister site, Waxman Architectural Tiles, which breaks down our entire portfolio of tiles in respective collections. If you wold like to see the entire collection in one place, please download the Tile Collection brochure and save for future reference.

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