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Moon set shot

Waxman Ceramics, one of the UK’s largest and most established tile distributors with over 30 years’ experience, has recently revealed an exciting range of glass mosaic tiles that can help installers achieve that ever popular pearlescent look. Waxman presents ‘Moon’, a modern glass mosaic with a luminous finish. (more…)



A modern trend that has emerged over recent years is the revival of styles from yesteryear. It’s been happening in the fashion world for quite some time, where old trends are reworked with a modern twist – the same can certainly be said for the tile industry, in particularly with wall tiles. (more…)

Tile Collection front cover

Your home is your castle, a place of familiarity, family and function – not to mention the result of  hours of hard work, love and perseverance – so why give that up to start all over again? Many people are oblivious of the potential that their current home is hiding and are all too keen to leave without unveiling the endless possibilities it can offer. Are you one of these people? (more…)

Iridis Set shot

As winter slowly draws in and the mornings welcome us with a brilliantly glistening frost that adorns our windows, it’s the perfect inspiration for luxury tile decor and the many possibilities that a pearlescent effect glass mosaic can offer. Mimicking the sparkle and silvery white hues of frost’s natural beauty, pearly tiles are the ideal addition to any design that is begging for a hint of opulence. (more…)


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