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Glass Mosaic

Glass mosaic tiles are a popular choice amongst homeowners, tile fitters and project managers, alike. They have an abundance of versatility and their visual appeal is unmatched by any other mosaic tile on the market, due to their lucid and opulent finish. (more…)


Tiles are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, floor coverings known to man. Originally carved from stone to cover the vast floor and wall spans of our ancestors, from as far back as 880 B.C, they have come a long way to become the tiles we are familiar with today. Although modern day tiles take on a much different form to their ancient counterparts, there are still some properties that have remained very similar. Not only do they adopt the same shape, but since they are made from natural substances they are a sustainable product, as much today as they were B.C. (more…)

PressRelease_CURZON_Victoria_FINAL SELECTION003

Features are a fantastic focal point for friends and family to marvel at when they visit a home. No matter where in the house, a focal point can be created to ensure a unique stamp has been placed that will provide individuality and personal style. (more…)


Although the weather is changing and the temperature is dropping, with a definite chill ascending, there’s certainly one thing that can be said for autumn that deviates from this doom and gloom… and that’s how beautiful everything looks when in full force. The trees take on a patchwork of oranges, yellows and reds that provide a colourful canopy across the country; the perfect canvas of inspiration when taking on a new design project. (more…)


If you’ve been regularly following our blog over the months you’ll know quite well how versatile tiles are. They’re not only low maintenance and cost effective, but when implemented under the right advice and application they can look spectacular for years and years. However, we do find that when the winter months are upon us, many customers are reluctant to choose tiles as their chosen floor covering due to the misconception that they are cold and uninviting. Here, we banish those myths. (more…)


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